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Dipping Buddy

Dipping Buddy

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Introducing the Dipping Buddy – your shield against the discomfort of hot and steamy water during salon sessions! Crafted from thick, durable rubber, this cape is engineered to provide a barrier between your client and any unpleasant heat or moisture during their appointment.


• Burn Protection: Say goodbye to the menace of hot water burns on the neck and back. Dipping Buddy has got you covered!
• Mess-Free Experience: Forget the hassle of hair dyes, water drips, shampoo splatters, and trimmed hair littering your client’s attire.
• Universal Salon Companion: Whether you’re a DIY hair enthusiast, a frequent local salon visitor, or a proud salon owner aiming for superior client satisfaction, the Dipping Buddy is an indispensable asset.
• Elevated Professionalism: Offering a clean, comfortable, and protected experience showcases a high level of professionalism, enhancing client loyalty and referrals.

The Dipping Buddy redefines the salon experience by removing the dread of discomfort, making each appointment a step towards ultimate satisfaction. No more makeshift solutions with towels – embrace the sleek, efficient, and professional solution that is Dipping Buddy, and watch your clientele relish a new level of comfort and assurance during their salon visits!

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