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Grapevine Lash / Brow Serum

Grapevine Lash / Brow Serum

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Grapevine Lash Serum:
Unveil the secret to captivating eyes with our Grapevine Lash Serum, a meticulously crafted formula designed to bolster the beauty of your lashes. At its core, this serum harnesses the power of peptides, promoting robust hair follicles for a fuller lash line. Enriched with vital vitamins like Biotin, it aims to fortify each lash, rendering them less susceptible to breakage. The infusion of amino acids, along with a blend of nurturing plant extracts and oils, works tirelessly to prevent lash fallout. By moisturizing and reinforcing both lashes and the surrounding skin, our serum sets the stage for a lush, healthy lash display.

Note: Contains tree nut ingredients. It’s advised to consult with a primary care doctor before usage.

When will I see results from Grapevine Oil?
The journey to visible results with Grapevine Oil is a personalized experience, as outcomes may vary across individuals based on their hair/skin type, concerns, at-home care routine, and the other care products in their regimen. However, many have embarked on a transformative journey, observing noticeable improvements in the quality of their hair and skin within just a few weeks of incorporating Grapevine Oil into their routine! With continued indulgence, customers have celebrated remarkable enhancements in skin tone, hair texture, and growth, alongside alleviated concerns like eczema, dry skin, and wrinkles. Embrace the Grapevine Oil ritual, and step into a realm of boundless beauty improvements!

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