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Grapevine Oil

Grapevine Oil

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  • An exquisite palette fit for royalty. Grapevine Oil is a multi-use oil that can be used on your body, hair, skin, & nails! Results may vary from customer to customer depending on their hair/skin type, hair/skin concerns, at-home Hair/Skin care routine, and the care products they are using. Many customers begin to see a noticeable improvement in the quality of their hair & skin within the first few weeks of using Grapevine Oil! With continued use, customers experience significant improvement in their; skin tone/complexion, hair texture, hair growth, nail growth, dry & irritated skin, wrinkles, and many more!

  • Grapevine Oil was designed with all hair textures in mind. Whether you have natural kinky curly or wavy locks or straight strands, grapevine oil will help you achieve a healthy scalp and luxurious mane that’s free of frizz and split ends. Healthy scalp: In addition to moisturizing your hair from root to tip, our stimulating growth oil is specifically formulated to help promote healthy scalp conditions and aid in proper circulation of blood flow throughout your head. This helps stimulate healthy hair growth. Achieving longer, stronger strands doesn’t get any easier than that! Dark spots: It can also be used to treat dark spots on your scalp and even prevent them from forming in the first place!

  • The natural & organic blend delivers firming, smoothing and brightening effects while supporting the skin's natural cell metabolism & helps revitalize skin from beneath the surface. Improving the appearance of uneven skin tones, dry & aging skin. Our long lasting formula is safe & gentle enough for all skin types & ages!

  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-inflammatory properties Formulated for safe daily usage for hair/skin/nails Combat hair loss / dry & irritated skin Skin Inflammation Relief Nail growth Great source for Vitamin C/E, Proteins, & Omega 6/9 fatty acids Moisturizer AND MANY MORE!

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Chanray H


First time using this serum and with on yo couple of days in alreacy know this is a wonderful product. Love that it doesn't leave skin oily or shiny, just soft and so smooth. Will most certainly be coming back for more!

Jonasia P


Product is great for my sensitive and more dry skin, it never dries it out and it sometimes even looks like it gives my skin a little glow to it. I would definitely give this a try.

Marquita T


Hod my skin glowing & cleaning up in 2 days!!

Jane Doe


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